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New Nightclub Blume to Open in Brickell October 2015

This October, VE Restaurant Group, the team behind the wildly popular Segafredo, will open a new nightclub in Brickell that promises to offer a unique experience with a focus on locals. Designed by Linus Design and named after the German word for flower, Blume will channel the opulence and intimacy of an upscale mansion’s living room, according to managing partner Jose Vazquez. On the walls, a wooden grid will frame alternating squares of floral wallpaper, mirrors and LED screens. Just over 3,000 square feet, the club will feature a custom-made light system and a 50-foot-diameter series of elaborately-lit concentric rings, suspended from the ceiling over the dance floor and designed to resemble a flower in bloom. If you’re having a hard time envisioning that, imagine the ceiling at Las Vegas’s storied Omnia nightclub. “It’s going to be like a little Omnia,” says Vazquez.

Blume will also sport a lush and verdant outdoor terrace (also the brainchild of Linus Design) where guests can take a breather from the club and sample craft cocktails made by master mixologists. In keeping with the theme of the name, all of the cocktails will feature real flowers as garnishes.

Vazquez believes Blume will fill a void that has become increasingly obvious in the area’s nightlife scene. “People want a real nightclub experience in Brickell,” he says. “Locals don’t want to drive to the beach, which has become a tourist spot now.” While Vazquez does expect to see an influx of visitors, primarily from Latin America, he anticipates Blume’s clientele will be composed mainly of locals.

Vazquez and his team have not confirmed a lineup for bookings, but he did reveal that Mark M and Geeh will be the club’s official resident DJs. Thursdays at Blume will feature local house DJs, Fridays will feature an open-format blend of house and reggaeton, and Saturdays will offer a mix of hip hop and house. Vazquez says he does plan on bringing big name DJs from Europe (especially Ibiza) for special events. 

Although an official opening date has not been set, the club’s soft opening is slated to take place the last week of September, to be followed by a hard opening some time in October.