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Order a six-pack of Oculto this Saturday and get a visit from Lady Oculto herself

Straight to-your-door alcohol delivery service Klink has joined forces with Oculto to bring customer’s a one-of-a-kind drinking experience. This Saturday, November 28, order a six-pack (or more!) of Oculto via Klink Delivery and the team will arrive at your doorstep with Lady Oculto into tow, ready to show you and your guests how to properly partake in the golden lager’s drinking rites.

Oculto’s Senior Brand Director Mallika Monteiro said choosing Miami as the first location to bring the Oculto-Klink partnership to was a no brainer. “We’ve decided to bring the Oculto and Klink partnership to Miami first as it is a very important market for us – one that exemplifies the late night lifestyle which Oculto embodies,” she said. “For Miamians that were unable to join us for the Garden of Hedon [an event Oculto hosted at Vizcaya Gardens earlier this month], this is an experience we can bring to them, encouraging consumers to revel in the brand and taste our unique beer.”

Infused with blue agave and aged in tequila barrel staves, Oculto represents a unique animal in the world of brews. “It’s a unique innovation that combines the accessibility of beer with the high energy of tequila. With a premium look, unique flavor and seductive personality, Oculto is perfect for late night occasions,” said Monteiro.

The branding, of course, is spot on – tailored to a young audiences thirsty for new experiences and unexpected combinations.

“Oculto is not only a new “mash up” product that fuses beer and tequila flavor, it’s a step toward creating a new category,” said Monteiro. “Its unique positioning revolves around mystery, intrigue, seduction and the spontaneous nights out with friends. “Oculto” means “hidden” or “waiting to be found” in Spanish—and the brand’s sense of discovery begins with the signature mask, which will be a central part of all brand efforts.”

So yes, there are masks, possibly some tarot cards, and a woman in black with secrets to share. You’ll have to order via Klink this Saturday and discover the rest on your own. Make sure you use the promo code ‘MAKESECRETS’ for free delivery. The offer is valid from 6 p.m. until midnight.

If you miss the November 28 date, though, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to order the beer via Klink. Oculto’s experts have broken down the ritual to enjoying a tall one:

  • The Lime: Place generous lime wedges onto individual napkins, then you and your fellow revelers each select your favorite.
  • The Salt: Grab a salt shaker and allow each person to salt their lime.
  • The Bite: Bite into the salted lime, allowing the union of salt and citrus flavor to cascade over your tongue.
  • The Beer: As the lime and salt engage, sip Oculto and enjoy a unique mix of flavors.
  • The Concealment: After each ritual, all evidence should be removed and stealthily discarded.