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This beloved Wynwood party spot’s days are numbered. Where will the hipsters hang?

The Electric Pickle is a classic party spot in Wynwood.
The Electric Pickle is a classic party spot in Wynwood.

After a decade of marinating as Wynwood’s first and foremost boite of beats, beatniks and beatmasters, The Electric Pickle announced that it won’t be renewing its lease and will be pulling the plug in June, 2019.

Farewell, Pickle

Fans of the cozy duplex den of DJs and dancing, the lounge that opened before all the ‘it’ folks even knew about Wynwood, are devastated. “This is like losing the Orange Bowl in underground music,” wrote Raphael Pineda on their Facebook page.

Miami’s diva of disco synth,  DJ Michelle Leshem, agrees, calling it her favorite dance club. “There’s nothing like it. Electric Pickle is not only a local institution, but a global institution for some of the most sophisticated and underground dance music across the globe. A myriad of talent ranging from DJ Harvey to Derrick Carter to Matthew Dear have graced the Electric Pickle where some of the best memories for music heads have been made under the most unique disco ball to date,” she says. “The venue’s dedication to focusing on a certain sound rings true till this day forward.”

But don’t be fooled by the fact that its website is now host to some cheap Viagra hack. The Pickle is open until the last barfly is dragged from the bask of the glow of the disco ball for good next June. That gives the owners a whole year to find a new venue.