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Phife Dawg hits Rec Room to celebrate LDV Hospitality's 3 year anniversary

When you have an attention span for nightlife as short as Miami’s, three years of success in the ‘biz is certainly cause for celebration, and LDV Hospitality is pulling all the stops for its three year anniversary in the Magic City.

In honor of the milestone, Dolce Italian is featuring a five course prix-fixe menu of food and wine pairings carefully selected by Executive Chef Paolo Dorigato and available through Sunday, November 22, for $75 person (including a complimentary Cocktail-Of-The-Week at either Rec Room or the Gale’s legendary drink spot, The Regent Cocktail Club).

But while this may seem like incentive enough to make it out to the Gale this week, the true gem of the week will take place at a venue which has meant so much to so many locals here in Miami over the last three years: Rec Room. Capping off the festivities, Rec Room will host a free party this Saturday, November 21 featuring a headlining performance by A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg, who also happens to be celebrating his birthday and the 25th anniversary of ATCQ’s debut album.

As far as parties go, this one’s a perfect match when you think about what Rec Room represents: “A throwback to when parties were intimate, easygoing and approachable. Sexy, edgy, fun,” according to LDV Hospitality Miami Director of Nightlife Steve Lezama.

A night spot is usually only ever as good as the team behind it, and LDV has worked hard to create and maintain the vibe that has made the venue so beloved among partygoers. It’s probably why Rec Room’s birthday is so close to the hearts of many LDV team members.

“Three years [has] shown the venue has a timelessness on Miami Beach, that it’s not just another trendy flash-in-the-pan, but a nightlife standard,” said Max Baum, Nightlife Marketing Directing for LDV Hospitality Miami. “It’s also an important milestone for us, continuously pushing ourselves to stay exciting and fun in one of the hippest locales in the world. We have been keeping our special party vibe while progressing into more new wave genres as well, knowing who we are but always staying fresh.”

Kaiti Galica, Marketing Assistant at LDV Hospitality Miami, said it’s more than just a birthday for the venue – it’s a celebration of “all the learning experiences we have gotten through to make Rec Room what it is today” and a testament the team will continue to grow and evolve for many years to come. “Rec Room represents all the people in Miami Beach who are looking for an escape from the tourist cliche, the fit-pumping house music that has taken over. We represent a more intimate basement party with all your friends listening to all your favorite songs,” she said.

“The staff have all been working together for a long time and they get it. We all have the best interests of our guest experience in mind at all times and work hard to ensure that it’s a memorable one,” added Lezama.

That means catering to a large variety of people through a wide range of artists, whether it’s Talib Kweli or Zed’s Dead (who played the club’s 2-year anniversary last year). According to Baum, it means allowing the guests to create the energy and vibe and shape every night into a unique experience.

“[Here], you can come celebrate with a table and group of friends and have an incredible VIP experience, or a more intimate and chill time at the bar, and in either case leave with a smile on your face and someone on your arm.”

While the Miami location will certainly always be the first and the flagship, Lezama said the team plans to bring the Rec Room experience to new markets, Aspen being the next destination. “The experience is limitless,” he said. “We are looking to stay contemporary but also not lose the nostalgia at the same time. It’s a difficult balance, but it’s more about the energy and the people who help create it, mostly our patrons.”

For those who didn’t know: a free event with a performer like Phife Dawg where guests can rock out all night to 1990’s hip hop classics…that’s the kind of place and party Rec Room is, and the world could certainly do with more of it.