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ICON Miami opening soon in former Mansion space and now hiring

Louis Puig and Emi Guerra are hustling to get ready for their newest offering to Miami nightlife, ICON Miami, in the space formerly known as Mansion at 1235 Washington Ave. According to the spin, ICON will “present a next-generation entertainment complex” that pays homage to “the days when the venue was a theatre as well as the ‘icons’ that have contributed to the notorious history of the space including Al Capone, Prince, Beyonce, John Legend, Britney Spears, Slash, Lady Gaga and more.”

They left out Janet Reno.

Notoriety as nightlife may sound like something you’ve heard before in the Magic City, but this place promises “interactive fixtures” installed for live performances, shows and whatnot.

Intrigued yet? The acts are slated to take place earlier in the evening, “before the characteristic late night revelry ensues,” they say. 

“The opportunity to revive the building and its legacy of success is a true honor,” said Guerra. “Nightlife is such an integral part of the South Beach lifestyle and with more than 40 years working within the entertainment industry, Louis and I are looking forward to delivering a fresh, customer-focused concept that pays tribute to the paramount moments that took place within ICON Miami’s previous incarnations.”

If you think you won’t be able to get in, then why not apply for a job there? They’re looking to fill about 300 (!) positions at a “casting call” from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday, November 24. For priority interviews, candidates can access appointments at

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