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Pitbull is hiring sexy people for his new restaurant. Serving skills not required.

Being able to wear black is a key component of working for Pitbull.
Being able to wear black is a key component of working for Pitbull.

Want Pitbull to be your boss? Good. Because now you can apply for a chance to work for the king of the 305, right here in Miami Beach.

Mr. Worldwide’s new Miami Beach restaurant iLov305 is hiring. And all you need to be is sexy and sophisticated.

You may not even need to possess actual skills.

OK, maybe you need some skills. Here’s what iLov305 is looking for: male and female dancers over 21, singers, models and specialty performers. No, we aren’t sure what that means either.

Other requirements: a headshot, resume, valid ID and lots of black attire. Women need to be in “All Black 2 Piece, Form Fitting, Heels, Glam Hair and Makeup.”

Men just need to show up wearing black. Isn’t that always the way?

Come be a part of the most beautifully sophisticated restaurant & nightclub South Beach has seen. #southbeach #ilov305

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To apply? Show up at Show Stoppers Studio, 6500 W. 20th Ave., Bay 1 in Hialeah, at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 9.

In June, Pitbull launched an iLov305 in the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. Yes. Mississippi got it first. But compared to Miami, she’s still just a side chick.

At the Biloxi iLov305, there are drinks called The Frisky Chica, Mr. Worldwide Mai Tai and the Huri-Cano. We can only hope such marvelous beverages will be available here in the 305.

We don’t have an opening date for the restaurant, located inside the Bel-Air Hotel Miami Beach. It was originally scheduled to open this summer.