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7 signs Spring Break has arrived in Miami


1. The influx of neon.

Maybe it’s a sympton of Ultra and Miami Music Week being so close, but nothing screams “spring breaker” like a highlighter yellow trucker cap with the words ‘DRUNK,’ ‘YOLO,’ or ‘LOL’ splashed across it. To the spring breakers, though, it’s so Miami.

Frat Tanks

2. Frat tanks.

Lots of them – at the beach, at the bar, at the club (the sketchier ones, anyway). We don’t know who decided it was attractive to cut gaping armholes in your tanks and walk around in public (trust us, we’re not interested in sneaking peeks at your armpit hair), but for some reason the approach of spring break in Miami is always heralded by a massive spike in frat tank spottings.


3. Worse traffic than usual.

Just when you thought Miami traffic was bad enough to begin with, it gets even worse. Unlike summer, when people run away to escape the heat or just veg out at home intsead, March and April attract hordes of college students from all over the country. If you live in the ‘burbs and work in the city, get ready for an even longer commute spent dodging even worse drivers.


4. Parties, lots of them.

While Miami’s party-scene is year-round, spring break is the perfect excuse for venues to go extra hard with event planning. If you suddenly see promos for a host of events featuring cheap beer and well drink specials, kegs, and bikini contests, rest assured spring break has indeed arrived.


5. Sold-out hostels littlered with red cups.

If you’ve ever been a broke college kid in a city as expensive as Miami, this should come as no surprise. When there’s a cover charge at the pool party, you bring the party to the motel pool.


6. The absence of locals.

Whether it’s because of the high concentration of rowdy 20-somethings looking to party, or just an adverse reaction to too much neon, many locals tend to quietly disappear around this time only to re-emerge again post-Ultra.


7. A spike in your Tinder choices.

If you’re somebody who utilizes Tinder’s location-based notifications, expect to find a far more saturated market then usual.