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One of South Beach’s longtime music venues is making a comeback

Gone is the old Lebo-inspired logo. Jazid 2.0 is going classy on us.
Gone is the old Lebo-inspired logo. Jazid 2.0 is going classy on us.

When South Beach nightlife landmark Jazid closed in July 2017 after 21 unprecedented years in biz, people freaked. They also felt old.

But a resurrection is about to take place in the same space at 1342 Washington Avenue, but with a new owner and a completely new look and vibe.

Slated to open until sometime in February, according to new owner Arnaud Nicolas, the hype is already beginning with teaser posts on social media.

After a full renovation, the new and improved Jazid will feature a “festive bar with DJs and live bands on the first floor,” Nicolas told us, along with “cocktails, great wines, champagnes, and appetizers including tapas and mini burgers” among other things. All will be fresh and homemade.

On the second floor, Nicolas describes a “little club with DJ, private bar and bottle service.” But don’t be fooled by that term, a relic of douchey nightlife. “We want a very friendly place where people can dance on sofas, on tables, on the bar,” Nicolas says, adding, “No stress, only partying.”

The French native says he understands the legacy and history of the nightclub and didn’t want to tweak it too much. “I decided to keep the name Jazid, because this space is an iconic space and it’s important for me to respect the history of South Beach,” Nicolas said.

Stay tuned for more details on the opening of this newest chapter in South Beach nightlife history. In the meantime, take a look at the progress.

Jazid under construction.

February might be a bit optimistic.

Jazid, 1342 Washington Ave., Miami Beach