Did you hear explosions and gunfire in Doral on Friday? Here’s what it was and why.

Miami Herald Staff

If you’ve been to Doral, you know to expect ridiculous amounts of traffic.

But on Friday, there was more than just soul crushing gridlock.

According a Tweet from the Doral Police Department, you may hear explosions and gunfire, if your radio volume is low enough, in the area of NW 107th Avenue and 33rd Street.

Nothing to worry about. CityPlace isn’t under attack.

The explosions are not real. They are make believe, filmed for an upcoming movie, DPD told the Miami Herald.

Plantados” is about political prisoners in Fidel Castro’s jails. What scene is currently being shot is unclear.

Expect a lot of patrol cars, too: Cops will be on the scene.

The dramatic sounds will go until 7 p.m.

“There is no cause for alarm,” ends DPD’s Tweet.

From left, “Plantados” director Lilo Vilaplana , and actors Héctor Medina, Ariel Texidó and Yerandy Basart in a building reconstructed to look like a Cuban prison in Miami. Pedro Portal
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