Gucci Mane just had the most Miami experience - and he is not happy

Gucci Mane via @FillmoreMB/Twitter
Gucci Mane via @FillmoreMB/Twitter

No one likes getting towed, but if you park in Miami Beach, you’re pretty much asking for trouble.

Gucci Mane found out the hard way why leaving your car outside a South Beachb club is so irritating.

According to TMZ, the rapper took his Ferrari Superfast to perform at Lincoln Road nightclub Mr Jones last week. When he exited, the $600,000 supercar was gone. The sleek, red vehicle was parked in a small lot behind the venue, apparently on CVS property. A rep for Mr Jones told the gossip site that his security team parked in the wrong place.

Videos posted on the rap star’s Insta show what went down. The first clip shows Gucci ranting to a cop and tow truck driver.

“I didn’t park at CVS! Why did y’all tow me?” the “Big Boy Diamonds” singer yells. “Punk--- people.”

Another video sees the hip-hopper at the tow yard, whose sign reads Beach Towing Co. Inc. on Dade Boulevard.

He is inspecting his fancy wheels for damages with a flashlight.

“I want every dime,” he gripes, then drives off.

In yet another post, Gucci tells his 12 million followers he wants payback, estimating the damages to be about $20,000 to $30,000.

“Y’all booked me last night & y’all security advised me to park in the back of the club! Came out the club & my #812SuperFastFerrari was towed & damaged & y’all called the police on me!!! Who gon compensate & fix my damn car ??????????”

When asked for clarification about what happened with Gucci last week, a man who answered the phone at the towing company on Thursday told the Miami Herald, “No comment.”

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