‘Epic’: Post Malone came to Miami and gave away $50,000 during a show. Just because

Rapper Post Malone
Rapper Post Malone

Better now is right.

Post Malone put on one hell of a show Saturday night at E11EVEN MIAMI.

Let’s just say the audience left with more than they expected.

During his high-energy appearance, the “Sunflower” singer opened up a cooler and began tossing out dollar bills like a boss.

Patrons steadied their cellphone cameras as the singles went flying through the air.

A spokeswoman for the downtown club says Malone threw out $50,000 in total.

A clip on the E11EVEN’s social media shows a video of the performer, called the “Donald Trump of hip hop” shortly after guzzling beer on a stage littered with bills, singing his hit “Rockstar.”

Many of his 18 million plus followers who weren’t there to witness this incredible event seemed to have a severe case of FOMO.


“Damn, was this not fantastic.”


“For real, for real, this kills.”


Malone played for a sold-out crowd at AmericanAirlines Arena the following night.

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