This reality star is hosting an all-girls weekend in Miami. But it’s just for closers

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Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams are doing well for themselves and they want to share the wealth.

Well, they’re not giving away money. But the reality star and talk show host, respectively, want to talk to others about how awesome they are and find like-minded individuals. Female individuals. Rich, female individuals.

Leakes and Williams will cohost a summit called Ladies of Success: Beauty, Brains and Business Nov. 7-10. But the “all girls weekend” is not completely inclusive.

“The main focus of this event is for SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs, CEO’s and all around business minded women across the world to network, uplift, connect, motivate and learn ways to increase their bottom line by networking with other like minded women,” the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star wrote on Instagram. A picture of Leakes throwing cash in the air accompanies the post.

So if you’re struggling to stay awake in your cubicle at your menial job or have left the workforce to tend to your kids, don’t bother.

Leakes says the event is for women who are already “eating the fruits of their labor. Living that life and wanna connect with other women who can do some of the same things they can do with the same mind set.”

So if you’re a successful entrepreneur or CEO, for example, you probably will have a blast networking, rubbing elbows and clinking cocktails.

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