Flo Rida just drank one of Pitbull’s huge cocktails at ILov305. Now we want one.

Flo Rida at ILov305
Flo Rida at ILov305

Flo Rida in the house!

The Miami rapper showed his support for fellow famous 305 rapper Saturday night.

Flo popped into Pitbull’s new(ish) restaurant, ILov305, with some pals from out of town in tow.

Insiders say the entertainer born Tramar Dillard sat at the bar and indulged in such signature dishes such as a 32 ounce Porterhouse steak and the Surf & Turf Ribeye. We’re guessing there were no vegans in the party.

Pit’s friend and frequent collaborator washed his massive meal down with a specialty cocktail from the snazzy eatery whose motto is “Where What Happens, Never Happened.”

The Tropical Jungle Juice is only for the brave: It contains three types of rum, pineapple juice, OJ and grenadine and is garnished with fresh fruit, an edible orchid and a tiki umbrella, naturally.

The mega, 192 ounce, two foot tall drink serves four (or more), depending on the status of your liver. Oh and it costs $75.

As per Instagram, fellow rapper 50 Cent, who collaborated with Pitbull on “Go Girl,” was also in ILov305 recently getting his drink on with the same potent elixir. Where do these guys put it all?