A controversial store just opened in Miami Beach ⁠— and tween girls are ecstatic.

Brandy Melville
Brandy Melville

It’s here.

Brandy Melville.

If you don’t know what this means, ask any tween girl with an Instagram account. She’ll no doubt know, and she’s freaking out about the clothing store’s arrival to Miami Beach.

Brandy Melville, at 730 Lincoln Road (there’s no sign up front yet), opened last Tuesday, the first standalone store in Florida. By Saturday afternoon, piles of clothing were scattered about the packed dressing room, the lines of exuberant young ladies and their tired looking moms stretching deep into the narrow store.

Hanging from the racks: moderately priced cotton T shirts with sayings like “Angel,” tanks with butterfly graphics, as well as high-waisted denim shorts and flowery skorts.

The styles don’t look very different than those you might see in the juniors section of a major department store. But one thing does set them apart: the tag. It reads “one size.”

Yes, at this oh-so-hot retailer, large and extra large doesn’t exist. If it’s plus size you seek, save the trip altogether.

By one size, these folks mean “small.” About a 0 or 2. This has caused some, um, controversy.

But the 49-year-old buzz-worthy Italian brand, which has been in the U.S. for 10 years, keeps gaining momentum and is now officially part of the so called VSCO girl ensemble. You’ve probably seen her at the mall: puka shell necklace, scrunchie in her hair, Crocs. Oh and something cute by Brandy.

Yes, one of Miami Beach’s newest and hottest stores is here to stay, so get used to it, parents.

And if you all want to visit, be prepared to stand in line. Don’t bother calling in advance, at least in the short term. The phone at the store rang and rang until it disconnected.

They are probably too busy hanging up the clothes, or attending to their young, adoring fans.