Rick Ross confirms his mega mansion will be in ‘Coming to America’ sequel - and so will he

To Miami, Rick Ross has always been The Boss, but now the rapper’s stepping into royal territory, as in the African nation of “Zamunda.”

For those of you who don’t understand this reference, you’re obviously too young to remember the 1988 classic comedy “Coming to America.”

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In the box office smash hit, Eddie Murphy plays the crown prince of the fictional African country, “Zamunda,” who flees to New York City to find a queen after escaping an arranged marriage.

While a “Coming to America” TV show was rumored to be in the works, it never materialized, but a big screen sequel reportedly, starring Murphy, is.

And Ross is attached to the much anticipated project, as is his not so humble abode outside Atlanta.

The entertainer, who just released his follow-up album to “Port of Miami,” confirmed to “Ebro in the Morning” on Hot 97 radio that a crew is shooting at his Fayetteville, Georgia mansion.

The 44,000 square foot, 109-room place is absolutely ginormous, the largest in the state. The property also features a 350,000 gallon pool, the biggest of any house in the country. Read that again.

“It only made sense,” Ross said of the house he bought from boxing legend Evander Holyfield for $5.8 million in 2014. “They needed the biggest mansion, you know?”

The hip hopper is beyond happy because he’s actually a huge fan of “Coming to America,” which also costarred Arsenio Hall.

“I’ll be honest, y’all go back and listen to some of my much earlier interviews and you’ll hear me say that’s one of my favorite, if not my favorite film of all time,” Ross said in the Aug. 9 radio interview. “They reached out and they’re filming at my estate in Atlanta. It’s really gonna be giraffes and elephants and all that.”

Besides having his mansion featured, the 43-year-old Carol City native will have a cameo.

“Once they told me the layout and how it was gonna go, my mind was blown. I let them know I wanted to have a nice little, you know… so the director came down and made me audition,” he said. “I said, ‘Rozay had to audition?’ But I turned up because this a film I want to be a part of, and they’re filming at my crib so it’s dope all the way around.”