‘Like a boss!’ Dylan McDermott does Miami right, watching swim shows — and bowling

Dylan McDermott
Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott really did Miami.

Wait, who?

OK, so you young people probably don’t remember classic tearjerker “Steel Magnolias” (because you weren’t alive). The classic movie, about a group of Southern women who experience life’s tragedies with grace and pluck, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

McDermott played Jackson, the husband of Julia Roberts’ character Shelby, whose untimely death led to one of the most unforgettable on screen meltdowns by Sally Field, who played her mother.

But back to him. The actor, now 57, has done a wide variety of projects since, and is currently starring in Netflix’s “The Politician.”

But to see him at the opening night of Miami Swim Week at the Nu Wave pop-up at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden was unexpected.

McDermott, who split with “Stalker” costar Maggie Q earlier this year, sure got around our town over the weekend like a pro.

He took in the Vitamin A and Parke & Ronen shows Friday night and also indulged in some alternate recreational activities.

On his Instagram, he posted a video of him getting a bad-ass strike at Miami Beach Edition Hotel’s basement bowling alley.

His fans were impressed.

“Such a stud!”

“Like a boss!”

The TV star obviously had a great time and we have a feeling he’ll be back.

Another picture on his Insta showed him looking relaxed, in a pair of shades and black tee.

“Miami was a blast” read the caption. Yep.