Adamari Lopez was just wearing what looked like a wedding dress on her Greek getaway

Adamari Lopez/Instagram
Adamari Lopez/Instagram

Adamari López is taking a well deserved break.

The “El Nuevo Dia” personality is currently in Greece, vacationing with family and friends.

She posted a sunset picture of her with her partner Toni Costa, their daughter Alaia, and a few other folks, including the hashtag #familiacostalopez.

Nice photo of a summer getaway.

But what piqued curiosity was an Insta Story from Costa. With the hashtag #santorinidress, the dancer showed his love wearing a long, flowing white gown.

It sure looks like a wedding dress to us.

Could Costa and Lopez, who met on the set of “MIra Quien Baila” back in 2011 (a year after she finalized her divorce from singer Luis Fonsi) finally be tying the knot?

Santorini sure would be a romantic spot, and Alaia would make an adorable flower girl. Just sayin.’

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