Here’s what the new Miami Marine Stadium will look like. And your name could be on it

Miami Marine Stadium has been due for a massive facelift for as long as most of us can remember.

We can’t say that’s going to be completed anytime soon. But R.J. Heisenbottle Architects, which is redesigning the iconic stadium, has released new renderings that point to a positive future. And thanks to Heineken and its Make Your Mark partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, you can win a chance to have your name on the project for all eternity or the End of Days, whichever comes first.

Heineken, which has been working with the City of Miami to increase support for the redevelopment, is creating an art installation as part of the renovation. We don’t know what it looks like yet, but it’s ART. The beer giant is holding a contest, which you can enter online if you’re 21 and a Florida resident, and if you win, your name will be engraved on it.

The idea is to allow the community, beer loving or not, to literally be part of the new stadium.

A rendering of the outside of the Miami Marine Stadium.

Quinn Kilbury, Head of Partnerships and Consumer Experience for Heineken, said in a press release that Heineken is “excited to give residents the opportunity to play an active and tangible role in the resurrection of this iconic venue.

“At Heineken, we firmly believe in the preservation of what makes cities great, and this stadium is a bridge from Miami’s rich history to its vibrant future.”

The privately funded, nonprofit National Trust for Historic Preservation group is fairly excited about the whole thing, too.

“We often say as preservationists that buildings are one of a kind, and in the case of Miami Marine Stadium, that’s especially true,” said Jason Lloyd Clement of the National Trust for Historic Preservation in a press release. “Architecturally and culturally speaking, the stadium is Miami’s most significant structure - the city’s Eiffel Tower. That’s why we’re so grateful for Heineken’s ongoing support in our efforts to bring it back to life.”

Residents of Florida must enter the Mark Your Mark contest online by Sept. 2, 2019. For full prize details, rules and more information, visit