‘It was a very nice love story’: Carlos Ponce confirms split with Karina Banda

Aww, we thought this one would stick.

But no. Carlos Ponce and Karina Banda have split.

Banda confirmed the unfortunate news Wednesday on her Univision show “El Gordo y La Flaca,” after cohost Raúl de Molina asked his costar about their situation.

“We aren’t together anymore,” said the beauty. “We didn’t fight, we’re still friends. We ended well.”

Banda coyly said that they were very busy people, and the relationship just didn’t work out.

The two Miami residents were first spotted together in the fall of last year, but rumor has it they started up in the summer.

The actor and TV journalist made one of their first appearances as a couple at the Global Empowerment Mission Gala at Island Gardens in October.

At the time, Ponce told they were “very happy.”

But it was not to be.

On his Instagram Friday, Ponce wrote a tear inducing, lengthy open letter to his ex. We dare you not to choke up a little reading this. It’s in Spanish, so we’ll translate the good bits for you.

“It was a very nice love story. Full of Affection, Laughter, Adventure, Learning ... With a beautiful, affectionate, romantic, intelligent, disinterested woman, of impeccable values and moral virtue,” wrote the telenovela hunk.

Ponce has apparently moved on. The “Devious Maids” alum turned to religion to explain his short term goals.

“Nothing is stronger than the love of GOD, and that his plan for me is Perfect and Divine.”

So why did they break up?

“The answer is between God, [Banda] and Me. Being a public figure does not define that all our privacy is available for public or consumption. The REASON for our split as a couple has not left our lips.”

Don’t believe the rumors (cheating, what else?).

“What you have heard or read is simply speculation, opinion, misinformation or unfounded gossip.”

The divorced father of four then thanked fans for their continued support.

In other words: Thank you, next.