‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ is losing one of its star reporters, for now

Clarissa Molina
Clarissa Molina

Clarissa Molina was a freshly crowned Miss Dominican Republic when she won Nuestra Belleza Latina VIP in 2016. It was a historic triumph, because she did not believe that the public was going to vote for another Dominican after having chosen Francisca Lachapel the year prior.

But Molina won over the public and proved her talent as a host on Univision’s “El Gordo y La Flaca” with Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan. Last Thursday she said goodbye to her colleagues for the next few weeks as she faces a new professional challenge.

Los quiero un montón mi familia de @elgordoylaflaca nos seguimos viendo desde mi tierra! #arepresentarlos #losamo #Repost @elgordoylaflaca ・・・ @liliestefan y @rauldemolina felices con que @clarissamolinaofficial se nos vaya por unas semanas a cumplir otro de sus sueños #EchaleGanas #clarissamolina #NicoleLeon #Lions @queleonpelicula #ClaryLook @kabbuh

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Molina will debut as an actress in the romantic comedy “Que León” with Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Ozuna. The film, directed and produced by Frank Perozo, premieres on Nov. 29 in the Dominican Republic, on Dec. 6 in Puerto Rico, and in January in the United States.

” ‘Qué León’ is a film for the whole family in which they will be able to cry, laugh and identify with many situations,” says Molina, who passionately assumed her cinematographic “crush” on Ozuna.

What is your character like and why is this romance so difficult?

Nicole León is a girl raised with luxuries. However, her humility and simplicity have always shined through. She loves her father and her Aunt Mary, who raised her since she was 10 years old because her mother died of cancer.

She has a very strong character like her mother, she knows very well what she wants and when she wants it, she fights until she gets what she wants, even if it’s against the odds. She does not look at a man for his money, she cares about who the human being is, his essence as a person.

Nicole falls in love with José Miguel (Ozuna), but they are two young people from very different social classes, and their parents (Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes) are opposed, causing countless humorous and dramatic situations, in which love will always prevail.

It’s my premier as an actress and it will undoubtedly be a great challenge, which I love because it leads me to grow as a professional and to embark on a new stage in the industry.

Your life has changed so much since you won Nuestra Belleza Latina, what has been the best and most difficult part of this new stage of success?

Without a doubt my life has taken a 360 degree turn. I am doing what I love, every day I grow in what I want to do for the rest of my life and, above all, I keep preparing myself day by day to improve. But the best thing that could have happened to me has been to work with the team of “El Gordo y La Flaca,” who have become my family, my guides, my mentors, and I will thank them all my life for always having believed in me and having given me the opportunity. I love them like crazy, they can’t even imagine it!

In the film you fall in love with a reggaetonero, how does it feel to be loved by him? Do you have a similar, or better, love in your own personal life?

The role played by Ozuna in the film is that of a great guy, very focused on what he does, very family-focused and that leads me to feel a great affection, respect and admiration for him. Currently, in my personal life, I am extremely calm, waiting for love to touch my door, but that will happen when it has to happen.

When you moved to New York you did several jobs. What do you say to young women who have a dream and are working as waitresses?

My advice is to never think that your dreams and goals are impossible to fulfill. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, no matter how bad things are, no matter how tough it looks. I confirm it. One day, everything you fought so hard for – on the day you least expect it – you will achieve it! But it is very important to be prepared for when the opportunity arrives.

You have made your home in Miami, what do you like most and do you dislike living in this city?

I love Miami, I love the weather, its sun, the warmth. The least I like is being away from the family.

What professional and personal plans do you have to share?

Well, I’m very ambitious, I’m always thinking what I’m going to do next, and the truth is that I have short and long-term professional and entrepreneurial goals. Stay tuned!