John Travolta is Pitbull’s biggest fan. His new movie is proof

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston in Miami.
John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston in Miami.

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston came to Miami to promote their new movie “Gotti” and surprised everyone with their love of Latin music and Cuban food, which they revealed as some of the reasons they made Florida their second home. This move allows them to visit Miami frequently.

“Fontainebleau Hotel for me, some shopping, the beach,” said Travolta, when listing the three things he always does when he comes to the city. “The food,” added Preston. “I had a piece of a Cuban sandwich. It was…. amazing.”

They both conducted interviews at the Mandarin Oriental after a night at the popular LIV nightclub and an early morning to visit “Despierta América” ​​to talk about their roles as crime boss John Gotti, leader of the Gambino family, and his wife Victoria.

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The project took them seven years and they are so proud of the film that they have embarked on an incredible promotional campaign like they have never done before. Their publicity tour took them to the streets of Brooklyn where Tony Manero lived, the iconic character that made Travolta a star in “Saturday Night Fever.”

Brilliant Brooklyn ❤️ #longlivegotti

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Although the nostalgia of the disco era and the rebirth of the music of the ’50s (don’t forget about Danny Zuko in “Grease”) seem to be the soundtrack of a Travolta visit, the actor and executive producer “Gotti” only wanted to talk about one musician: Pitbull.

“I listen to Pitbull. He is my man. I love my Pitbull,” said Travolta. “He told me he wanted to be part of it. I said ‘Oh my god, we would be so lucky to have you to be part of this.’ He wrote a beautiful song called ‘Amore,’ which is at the opening and at the end of the film.” The song is a collaboration with Leona Lewis.

“He is amazing,” said Preston.

“And what he does with the Slams schools is extraordinary,” added Travolta.

The film, based on the book “Shadow of My Father” by John Gotti Jr., opens today.