OK, we think Anna Kournikova really WAS pregnant. This picture is how we know.

We were unsure for a while there.

Anna Kournikova looked too dang thin after reportedly popping out twins. 

The former tennis star and her SO Enrique Iglesias welcomed the babies, a boy and girl, last December.

But the Internet was quick to point out that there were just no  growing bump photos at all. Plus, Kournikova was seen active things like being on a boat and working out right before the birth.

#tbt #37weeks ☀️☀️

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But now she’s coming clean/came clean (we think). On Thursday, the 36 year old beauty posted a Throwback photo of her side view in her signature all black outfit with the hashtag #37weeks. Kournikova looks healthy and happy in the snap. And still pretty slim for two babies in there. But we really don’t think it’s a “pillow baby,” a la Beyonce, who get majorly shaded back when she was carrying Blue Ivy back in 2011. The pop star appeared on a chat show in a tight dress and when it moved it looked as if a pillow was wedged in her stomach, not a fetus.

Why Kournikova waited like five months to expose her baby bump to the world, we’ll never know. She and Iglesesias like to keep things on the down low and it seems to be working out for them.