Telemundo star Adamaris Lopez is now working with her ex boyfriend. Things are already getting weird.

Marco Antonio Regil and Adamaris Lopez
Marco Antonio Regil and Adamaris Lopez

It’s no secret that Adamaris López and Marco Antonio Regil dated  a while back, but apparently their chemistry is still alive and well.

They have been flirting openly since Regil, 48, joined on as co-host of their Telemundo show, “El Nuevo Dia,” earlier this month.

On Tuesday, the two may have taken things a little too far, reports People en Espanol. Because Lopez is in a serious relationship with Toni Costa and they have a daughter together.

Regil, however, is single and has never married (the Mexican native denies rumors that he is gay).

Lopez started talking to him playfully while Regil was live from Las Vegas, where he is covering the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

“Well, what Marco and I had may not be over,” joked the TV personality. “My love, we actually agreed on something again.”

Regil faked a look of shock, then took the bait, volleying back, “Adamari, I could have been the father of your baby.”

He posted a video of their banter on Instagram and some commenters weren’t happy.

Wrote one: “Wow, Antonio, what a lack of respect. Adamaris’ partner is a great man and supports her in everything. It’s a shame that she supports you in trying to get publicity for  your show and doesn’t value him.”

Another chimed in: “Adamaris does not respect Tony, no matter if she was joking or not. This b–ch is lost. That program lost its way.”

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Yet another troll warned that Costa was eventually going to leave Lopez, who often gets body shamed on social media, if she kept coming onto other men.

“What a lack of respect for your partner, Adamaris. He tolerates everything but one day he’s going to get sick of you and your [antics].”

Regil finally responded to the haters: “Although both Adamari and I were obviously joking, I will gladly send an apology to Adamari’s partner, who is a wonderful man with a great sense of humor.”