This Cuban television star and his girlfriend seemed to be the perfect couple -- until she got arrested.

Carlos Otero and Haniset Rodriguez Conde has been together for four years. Rodriguez Conde was arrested April 19, 2018 on charges of domestic violence.
Carlos Otero and Haniset Rodriguez Conde has been together for four years. Rodriguez Conde was arrested April 19, 2018 on charges of domestic violence.

Cuban television personality Carlos Otero, the central figure of the program “TN3” on AméricaTevé, and his girlfriend, Haniset Rodríguez Conde, one of the singers of the show, looked like a perfect couple. But things are not always as they seem.

On April 19, Rodríguez Conde was arrested by the Pembroke Pines Police in Broward for domestic violence.

The police report states that “the victim was intentionally scratched on the face and chest, where visible marks were left, and had a small laceration on the right side of the forehead caused by the nails of the defendant.”

The news immediately made the rounds on social media, confirming that it was Otero, who has had a relationship with Rodríguez Conde for four years.

The police report states that “the victim said that his companion was upset and confronted him almost daily since she learned that an ex girlfriend of his had been rehired by a Miami television station.” Social media immediately linked the situation to Brazilian model Heloisa Alves, with whom Otero had an affair a few years ago. She now belongs to the team of “El Happy Hour,” the variety show hosted by Carlucho.

Rodríguez Conde was already released on bail and according to the police report “the victim does not want to accuse her.”

Otero himself addressed the viewers on Monday through his program.

“We have all made thousands of mistakes. And from each error we have to always take something positive to move on. I would be a very little man if I turned my back [on Haniset] in this moment, someone who has shared my life and my roof with my children for four and a half years,” said the host, whose lawyers advised he not explain details of the matter. “I will continue to support her in whatever circumstances, whatever. If at any time we decide to get back together, it is up to us. ”

Otero did not rule out the possibility of Haniset returning to TN3 “after all this is over.”

For her part, Haniset posted the following on her Instagram account: “they speak, they defame, they criticize, they investigate, they hurt, they laugh and they take advantage of my private life … you know absolutely nothing and you will never know. This difficult moment has helped me to learn and realize many things, especially that I have thousands of good people who support me […] Thanks to all of those who cared for me and gave me their emotional support I love them all and those who they speak badly. God forgive them because they know not what they do “(sic).

A post shared by Haniset Rodriguez (@haniset91) on Apr 23, 2018 at 2:39pm PDT

The friction between Otero and Haniset was  unknown to their AméricaTevé colleagues. One of them, who preferred not to be identified, said that two “were made for each other.”

“For all of us, they were the perfect couple. Nobody can imagine what could have happened,” he said.

Neither Otero nor Haniset responded to the calls of El Nuevo Herald.

Will there be a next chapter?