ARod seems like a great dad. His ex wife is painting a different picture.


Whoa, daddy.

Alex Rodriguez seems like a hands-on father, but a new report is telling a different story. We also thought the ex Yankee was amicable with his ex. Guess not.

According to the New York Daily News, A-Rod warned his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis that he’ll cut child support for daughters Natasha and Ella due to ongoing disputes with her brother, Constantine Scurtis, over a business deal gone bad. The  internecine conflict between the ex in-laws began in 2015 and seems to amp up by the year.

The newspaper apparently got hold of a few texts between Cynthia and her brother. One text allegedly called the child support situation “terrible.”

Another text from Cynthia reportedly said, “He’s totally out of control but I share 2 kids with him so I try to keep everything good for them.”

This legal battle seems far from over.

The athlete turned businessman’s lawyers recently filed a motion requesting “all communications and documents exchanged between (Constantine Scurtis) and Cynthia Scurtis which refer or relate to the Action.”

In response to the NYDN article, Rodriguez released a statement to rival paper The New York Post, saying he “has always paid far more than the maximum in child support and that will never change.”

The statement further read: “My daughters are my number one priority and always will be. It’s highly offensive to me that my former brother-in-law, who has been trying to pursue a frivolous case against me for four years and has gotten absolutely nowhere with it in court, is misrepresenting my relationship with my daughters to manipulate the public’s opinion.”

Rodriguez and Scurtis were divorced in 2008, amid various cheating rumors. He is now, as the world knows, super serious with JLo.

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