Daddy Yankee’s sexy new dance hit is breaking the Internet. Have you done the ‘Dura Challenge?’

Forget “Gasolina.” Daddy Yankee’s the “Dura” man now.

The reggaeton star’s video for his hot new viral hit had more than 422 million views as of noon Tuesday. It premiered Jan. 18. 

It also occupied the top spot on Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart.

The track is getting an assist on social media thanks to the Dura Challenge, aka #durachallenge.

The Puerto Rican entertainer wants his fans all over the world to show what the catchy song means to them. And to move to the  best of their abilities.

“Dura” really caught fire in late January when he shared a sexy video of Zuleyka Rivera “doing the Dura,” her tight abs and booty grooving to the beat. The Puerto Rican actress/former Miss Universe appears in Daddy  and Luis Fonsi’s video for their mega hit “Despacito.”

DURA está la nueva canción de @daddyyankee que me acuerda todo lo que aprendí en los parties de marquesina. #DURA

A post shared by Zuleyka Rivera (@zuleykarivera) on Jan 24, 2018 at 6:06pm PST

And people of all (literally) ages have followed suit since then,  dancing along with the tune and taking the challenge.

#Repost @simpsonized ・・・ Muchos de ustedes nos lo habían pedido…Así que hablamos con Homero y lo convencimos de hacer el #durachallenge de @daddyyankee , jajajaja. ¡Esperamos que lo disfruten! . Créditos y participación especial -Voces: @davidcomedia (Homero) @majoestevez1 (Bart y Lisa) -Producción musical: @matheusdiez -Dibujo y animación: @nelsontiapa @isaactiapa . . . #dura #daddyyankee #challenge #durachallenge #dance #daddyyankeeconcert #thesimpsons #lossimpsons #davidcomedia #majoestevez #nelsontiapa #isaactiapa #tiapa #matheusdiez #homerosimpson #bartsimpson #lisasimpson #duradaddyyankee #daddyyankeedura #simpsonizedart #simpsonized #realsimpsonized #teamsimpsonized #mundoamarillo

A post shared by Daddy Yankee (@daddyyankee) on Mar 5, 2018 at 3:13am PST

A grandma accepted the challenge.

La abuelita Ta' #DURA ¡Qué linda se ve bailando! De mis favoritos videos

A post shared by Daddy Yankee (@daddyyankee) on Feb 8, 2018 at 2:28pm PST

A pregnant woman played it to help her get ready for labor.

A esta pareja, el doctor les dijo que hicieran algo para que dilatará o le harían cesárea. Decidieron hacer el #DURAChallenge, la mujer dilató y nació una niña muy #Dura Felicidades! @yunet_pl This couple was order by their Dr. to do something so she would dilate. They danced the #durachallenge before going into labor . A #DURA baby was born !

A post shared by Daddy Yankee (@daddyyankee) on Feb 14, 2018 at 8:36am PST

The ditty’s even been parodied by “The Simpsons.” So you know it’s arrived.

So what is “Dura” all about? Well, obviously it’s about a sexy lady – one that Daddy Yankee rates a 20 out of 10. So, if you are up for the #durachallenge, you can join in the newest trend sweeping the internet.