She’s been off the air for over a year, but this ex Univision star is launching a comeback

Barbara Bermudo
Barbara Bermudo

Where have you gone, Bárbara Bermudo?

Back in January of last year, the veteran journalist abruptly left her 14 year run at “Primer Impacto.” Viewers were shocked and confused.

The rumor mill churned. Was she asking for too much money?  It was reported that the Puerto Rican native wanted $1 million a year to stay.

Was she upset that her husband Mario Andrés Moreno was fired from local Univision affiliate Noticias 23?

We can’t say for sure, because Bermudo never completely publicly commented about the reason for her contract not being renewed. The mother of three hinted that she was pleased she finally had some time to enjoy her life without having to worry about deadlines and stress.

“Univision is a company to which I owe many achievements, and the best professional moments, but one always has a limit and I reached the apex,” the 42 year old said about leaving, according to Hola! “I felt that the time had come to depart, and that’s the way it was going to be, God willing. I figured out what the Lord wanted for me and then I realized that everything would be fine and that new doors would open for me.”

Needless to say, doors have opened. And she’s busy, doing something totally different than hosting a TV show.

On Instagram over the weekend, Bermudo posted a video of some sparkly necklaces and cute bracelets that look kid friendly. She also has a picture in the vid of her with her adorable brood.

Por fiiiinnnnnn llegaron!!! Gracias a todas la personas interesadas que nos escribieron, les cuento que el lunes nos ponemos en contacto con ustedes! Gracias por la paciencia, ya que por la aceptación que tuvo nos tocó agrandar el pedido. Esta colección de joyas fue inspirada en mis hijas @las_hermanas_moreno los brazaletes de niña y niño con un hermoso mensaje y los “charms” de en los que puedes poner cuantos niños o niñas quieras están disponible ya ! Escríbeme a Parte de las ganancias irá a la Sociedad de Leucemia y lymphoma para seguir salvando vidas como la del esposo y de mi amiga @drmiamiface !Gracias y espero les haya gustado!

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“Thank you for your patience,” she wrote to her 1.2 million followers. “Because of all your love we had to order more stock.”

BB goes on to say that she created a namesake jewelry collection which was inspired by her three daughters, aka @las_hermanas_moreno.

Fans can write the onetime TV star directly at to inquire about how to buy the charm filled pieces, some of which contain messages. Part of proceeds will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the post adds.

Seems her new life suits her.

In another Insta video, Bermudo talked about how she was “working from home” and is “really happy.”

She may not be working from home from much longer, though.

According to People, the Miami resident is busy planning a small screen comeback sometime this year.

“We are working on that right now,” she said. “I cannot get into details, but the most important thing is that I am returning to television, with a different, refreshing project, and I’m just counting the days until I can see that dream become a reality.”

No me cambio por nadie!! Feliz de recibir tantos email y aquí estoy contestándoles personalmente!!! Dios los bendiga y gracias por ayudarme a salvar vidas !!! Muchas me están preguntando en el post anterior como conseguir la colección, me pueden escribir a para así guiarlos a obtener su favorito!

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