Hurricane Irma has its own remix: The ‘Evaculation’ song!

Hurricane Irma has passed.

Yes, she was a messy, destructive beast, but hey we have to make light of our suffering somehow.

Even if you have no power, you likely have seen the viral video making the Internet rounds. And it’s catchy.

A CBS4 reporter was reporting from Miami Beach before Irma blew in and interviewed a resident who decided to stand outside to get some air.

The journalist asked why on earth he would be out there before a hurricane of such magnitude was about to hit.

The man answered: “We came out here to experience the weather. We heard about all the evacualation going on.”

Say what?

Someone caught this precious moment on TV and rapper Big Boi posted on Instagram a video compilation. 

#evaculation #rp @bigtiggershow#PrayForFlorid @donkplanet

A post shared by Big Boi (@bigboi) on Sep 11, 2017 at 9:59am PDT

The comments are priceless:

“Evaculation: an inoculation you need to get during natural disasters because of the funky waters everywhere. Evaculations have a little THC [aka cannabis] to get you through the evacuation.”

“I literally watched over and over laughing harder each time.”

“kick kick booty shake drop.”

Need to get moving some of the carbs off your body? See the remix here — and learn some new dance moves.