Bachelorette contestant Bryan Abasolo brings Rachel Lindsay home to Miami

She went through the mill, and it would all be worth it in the end if they end up together.

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay went on a hometown date in Miami with Bryan Abasolo and it wasn’t all smooth sailing, despite the gorgeous scenery (we know about that). They had a great, colorful date in Calle Ocho, among other spots like Maximo Gomez Park, La Esquina De La Fama and Ball & Chain.

“Miami represents everything. It’s where I’m from, where I was raised,’’ said Abasolo. “The city’s in my blood.”

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Before the trip, Abasolo warned Lindsay that his last relationship broke up because his mother and his ex girlfriend were like oil and water. 

Rachel told E! News:  “Bryan, you know, he was the first impression rose, so we’ve had a strong connection from the beginning. So that was the strength,” she told the entertainment site.

But mama bear was a problem.

“So here I come waltzing in, the next girlfriend, and it’s a little nerve-wracking. And the odds are against me, because I’m saying, hey, I’m dating these other men too.”

So, yeah, yikes. 

Despite the warning, Lindsay accompanied Abasolo to his family’s South Florida home — but with trepidations. Mom Olga was standoffish at first, telling Lindsay that Bryan was her “life,” and really, seriously don’t mess with her if you are not THE ONE. Cue the rapid knife noises.

“Bryan is my life. You are marrying the family, too. … If he’s happy, I am happy. If not, I will kill you,’’ she said as Lindsay laughed nervously.

Olga did make a good point (tearfully, convincingly) that marriage was a huge commitment and to be taken seriously.

Lindsay managed to win mom over with her charm, grace and warmth.

Abasolo, whose practice is in Kendall, appreciated the fact telling the reality star at the end of the date that she was the one and he was in love with her.

The Bachelorette told the ABC cameras later that his outpouring of emotion gave her the “feels” and it feels good.  

Oh let’s this see where this goes on Monday night. Only three guys remain.