This show got taken off the air in Puerto Rico after a huge scandal. Now it’s coming to Miami.

He’s baaacccckkkk:  Infamous gossip monger Antulio “Kobbo” Santarrosa, aka “La Comay.”

Fans/haters will likely recall La Comay, the puppet from the  Puerto Rican gossip show “SuperXclusivo.”  Back in 2012, Santarrosa got into hot water after he, the host (through his puppet, La Comay), joked about the  2012 horrific murder of publicist Jose Enrique Gomez Saladin, saying that since it occurred in an area frequented by transsexual prostitutes maybe he was up to no good at the time of his death.

According to PR newspaper El Nuevo Dia, Enrique was carjacked and burned alive in a sketchy area of the island.

Many people (including singer Ricky Martin) were outraged by La Comay’s insensitivity and called for a boycott of the show. Soon after, La Comay was no longer yapping.  The show was canceled.

After a few years climbing out of his career hole, Santarrosa will be returning to a variety show on Mega TV, owned by Spanish Broadcasting System, a Miami-based company.

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You’ll get to see how the comedian fares in the Trump era.

Will she/he hold back? Sounds like he may have learned his lesson.

“It is exciting for me to join the great Spanish Broadcasting System team, MegaTV, and with great enthusiasm and humility I reach this new step in my career with the opportunity to entertain and inform the Hispanic community in the United States and Puerto Rico,” said Santarrosa.

The show is set to debut Jan. 28.