No more ‘Despierta America’ for Francisca Lachapel. She’s got a new gig

When one door closes, another opens. Or so they say.

Bad news: Francisca Lachapel is off “Despierta America.”

Good  news: You’ll still be able to see the TV personality playing her hysterical character Mela La Melaza.

“La mujeree tiene que crecee derrr tamaño derr hombri que ella quieren” (Nis Paulo coesloo me lleva) Ute’ sabi verdá! • • #Mela #MelaConsejo #LaMelaza #MelaLaMelaza #Mujeres #Consejo

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LaChapel has moved from Miami to Mexico, she said on an Instagram story. Her new job involves not her, but her character, who is apparently getting her own show.

“It’s her time to shine,” the 29 year old Dominican announced of Mela, whose alter ego is a hot mess, with thick eyebrows, a tooth missing.

“I’m going to be I think a little lost,” the “Nuestro Belleza Latina” alum explained of the transition. “I’ll try to do the best I can to not disconnect so much but it’s a lot of work that we’re going to have here.”

☀️ Buenos dias☀️ ¿Necesitas una taza de café para funcionar bien en tu día o son solo cosas mias?

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Lachapel hasn’t revealed if this is just a pause in her regular “Despierta America” duties or if she will return after her project in Mexico has been completed.