Hope Dworaczyk

Hope Dworaczyk is hanging in there. As the cast from season 11’s Celebrity Apprentice dwindles down, the former Playmate, 26, keeps chugging along. As project manager for the task to come up with a marketing plan for Omaha Steaks, Dworaczyk (pronounced “dor-ah-sik”), won the challenge. Pretty good for a nonmeat eater.

The former runway model from Texas may be seen as a long shot to win

Donald Trump

’s NBC contest (the $250,000 prize money goes to charity; hers is Best Buddies ), but there’s a good chance she’ll make to the end. Still left in the mix:

Marlee Matlin, NeNe Leakes


Star Jones, John Rich, Meat Loaf


Lil John.

On Sunday night’s episode, the two teams, Backbone and ASAP, go at it when they stage a live hair-themed show. Watch for a mega catfight between Leakes and Jones.We caught up with Dworaczyk about her thoughts on the show, whose finale airs May 22. Word is Trump may milk the chance to announce his run for presidency then.

How do you think you did overall?

I went in wanting to win money for Best Buddies, and I accomplished that. I also stayed out of the nasty fights. Even though it makes for good television I’m not willing to act mean, sabotage or bully. I was taught ‘nice matters,’ and I am always a lady, unlike many of my cast members.

Did you get along with Gary Busey? He seemed to stress the guys out.

He was my favorite on the men’s team, but I didn’t have to work with him. He was just always there to make me laugh.

Are you endorsing Donald Trump for president?

He’s a very smart man. And a great leader. We’ll see.

With whom did you get along best?

I loved

Niki Taylor

the most, but I truly got along with everyone. When you go through such an emotional roller coaster with someone it’s easy to become close fast.

What are you working on now?

I’m producing and just finished shooting the pilot for a new makeover show called

Hope & A Smile

, where we take people in unfortunate circumstances and guide them from the inside out. We’re really changing people’s lives.

Madeleine Marr