Freeline Skating Hits Miami

Remember roller skates? So three decades ago. In-line skates? What are you, a senior citizen? Oh, what about those ridiculous sneakers with the one wheel embedded in the sole? What are they called? Roller sneakers?

The styles may evolve over the years, but the need to have wheels strapped to their feet is something felt by every generation of daredevil. The newest incarnation – the freeline skate – is now available in Miami at Fritz’s Miami Beach (1620 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-532-1954) .

There’s no awkward boot to slide your feet into, no lacing or strapping or clicking or fastening. The way freeline skates work is the user stands on two individual, shoe-sized platforms with a set of wheels beneath and propells forward the same way you would with roller skates. Your body weight keeps the skates anchored, so if you lift up your foot the skate keeps rolling.

Have a look at what a pro can do with freeline skates in the video.