This on-and-off couple made their reunion official at a Miami concert -- with a huge kiss

Nayer and Yomil. Looks like the couple is back on.
Nayer and Yomil. Looks like the couple is back on.

Cuban reggaetonero Yomil and singer Nayer have resumed their romance after several months of separation.

The news was announced on Sunday, May 20, before the crowd that packed Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah, to see duo Yomil and El Dany.

The audience did not even notice the rain and cheered for their favorite artists as Yomil confessed:

“The person who comes next formed part of my life for a while and today, on May 20, is still part of my life. That’s why this is a very special moment and I want Miami to receive and welcome my girlfriend, Nayer,” said the artist.

After the unexpected presentation, Nayer took the stage and joined her voice to sing “Addiction,” a song they recently released on digital platforms.

Yomil and Nayer made the news in mid-2016 when they announced their relationship. But that did not last long.

At the end of the year, Yomil began an intermittent courtship with Cuban model Mily Alemán, who used to date Gente del Zona member Alexander Delgado.

For her part, Nayer focused on her career and her cosmetics line.

If Yomil and Nayer have decided to take this second opportunity seriously, only they know it. But as they say, old love doesn’t rust.