Would you let ‘The Fat Jew’ officiate your wedding? Well, it happened in Miami.

The Fat Jew makes merry and mazel at Nikki Beach
The Fat Jew makes merry and mazel at Nikki Beach

Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. The Fat Jew (formerly The Fat Jewish), wears many hats, but he could have used a yarmulke this weekend. The comic and Instagram star, who has since atoned for his sins after being accused of stealing jokes from big name comedians,  presided over a wedding this Saturday at Nikki Beach in Miami.

Ostrovsky was hosting a party to promote his beverage brand PINK PARTY Rosé with Bubbles, when he decided to do a mitzvah. He noticed a group of revelers doing the “hora” – a traditional Jewish celebration dance – and discovered a guest, Josh Benoleil had come to the party to propose to his fiancée Jessie. Ostrowsky, who made amends with the comedians he stole from by editing all his posts and crediting them after the fact, introduced himself and shared with the couple that he is an ordained minister. The couple decided he should marry them right then and there.

Ostrowsky officiated, quipping “by the power vested in me, from a website I went on when I was drunk… I now pronounce you … tan, married Jews.” The couple, whose family was on hand, was toasted with a dozen bottles of Ostrovsky’s booze and the party continued.

Despite outshining the bride in his  jumpsuit covered in images of Kim Kardashian “ugly crying,” Ostrovsky made merry and mazel, “pouring one out” for 2017 on the sand at Nikki Beach. Mazel tov to the happy couple on a wedding they will likely never forget.