Leo DiCaprio is in Miami appreciating art, nightlife and women. Not necessarily in that order

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio was just browsing the other day. And being Leo.

The actor is in town for Art Basel and kicked things off on Tuesday night, by rolling into Wall with 40 or so people. The Oscar winner was with artists Mr. Brainwash and Daniel Mazzone, as well as a bevy of women.
Spies say DiCaprio chatted with as many people of the female persuasion as possible before moving on to the next stop, wherever that was.
Regardless, the next day he was up, bright as a daisy, spending almost an hour haggling over a piece of an $850,000 piece of art, a 1983 Jean-Michel Basquiat titled “Wire,” reports PageSix. Wearing a hoodie and cap, Leo (plus entourage) hung around the Van de Weghe dealer’s booth at the Miami Beach Convention Center for a VIP preview.
It is unclear whether DiCaprio actually bought the artwork but he did manage to chat up some more women.
“Two blonde models who looked very much Leo’s type came and talked to his posse for a bit,” the spy told PageSix.
The “Titanic” star should be in town for a bit longer. He is set to present the climate change film “Before the Flood” on Sunday at PAMM with Fisher Stevens.