Italian playboy Gianluca Vacchi may be saying Ciao! to his lavish lifestyle

Multimillionaire entrepreneur and frequent Miami visitor Gianluca Vacchi is in some hot water — and it has nothing to do with the summer temperatures.
According to Italian publication Quotidiano,  Vacchi isn’t going to be living the dolce vita for much longer. 
The Italian native, 50, is apparently having major financial problems with his family business, an industrial packaging company called IMA .

It is just a little debt,” he told the international publication.

Another Italian website, The Local, says Vacchi has had possessions such as his yacht seized by creditors.

The tattoo-happy playboy, who hosts parties at SoBe nightclubs and even attended the Premios Juventud, is currently dating Ariadna Gutierrez, a former Miss Colombia who was mistakenly crowned Miss Universe by Steve Harvey way back when. 

Vacchi brags about his riches and amazing life to his 11 million followers on Instagram with the hashtag #Enjoy.