Turns out Hialeah is actually the least diverse US city

Leah Arts District
Leah Arts District

Let’s be honest: We know Miami-Dade County is a lot of things, but least diverse? That’s a title one city in the county earned in a recent study by WalletHub.

Hialeah is the least racially and ethnically diverse city in the United States. It’s less diverse than some place in Vermont called Rutland, which has the country’s highest concentration of white people. Pero like there are like no white people in Hialeah.

Well, that’s kind of the point, according to WalletHub. Because Hialeah has the largest percentage of Hispanics and Latinos, 95.64 percent to be exact, it has been deemed the most ethnically homogeneous place in the nation.

But the study didn’t stop there. Hialeah also has the largest percentage, 92.25 percent, of Spanish-speaking people and the country’s highest foreign-born population, 72.75 percent, packed into its 20 square miles of city.

No cities in Florida, which many consider to be the poster child for diversity, are listed in the study’s top ten.


  1. Jersey City, NJ
  2. Germantown, MD
  3. Gaithersburg, MD
  4. Silver Spring, MD
  5. Spring Valley, NV
  6. New York, NY
  7. Oakland, CA
  8. San Jose, CA
  9. Rockville, MD
  10. Kent, WA

Out of the 501 cities analyzed, Hialeah ranks below two cities in West Virginia and one in South Dakota as the least culturally flat, which is a slight distinction from Hialeah’s earned title as the city with the least racial and ethnic diversity.


  1. Parkersburg, WV
  2. Clarksburg, WV
  3. Watertown, SD
  4. Hialeah, FL
  5. Rutland, VT
  6. Jamestown, ND
  7. Barre, VT
  8. Bennington, VT
  9. Laconia, NH
  10. Miles City, MT