‘El gordo’ Raul de Molina says he didn’t body shame Adamari Lopez

Raul de Molina
Raul de Molina

He didn’t mean it. Really, he didn’t.

We’re talking about Raul de Molina, who inadvertently kind of, sort of insulted Adamari López on air.

Last Thursday, the “El gordo y la flaca” host (who has battled the bulged himself) made a passing comment that Lopez’s fiance Toni Costa “liked women who were a bit heavy.”

Lopez, who recently returned to her hosting duties at “El Nuevo Dia” after being hospitalized with severe flu complications, is constantly body shamed.

Social media users went nuts on de Molina, who was forced to clarify his comments and apologize the following day.

“If people took it that way, I apologize to Adamari. I know her very well and I love her very much,” de Molina told his viewers, adding that he was “obviously” referring to someone else, Clarissa Molina (no relation).

After winning “Nuestra Belleza Latina” in 2016, the Dominican-American model was criticized for putting on pounds.

Molina is currently  competing on “Mira Quien Baila” with Costa.

“Clarissa knows that we are talking every day about that in [Mira Quien  Baila] and I congratulate her every day for how much weight she’s lost,” explained the Univision star. “At no time was I talking about Adamari.”

Cohost Lili Estefan didn’t see why de Molina had to apologize.

“I don’t think Adamari cares,” she said.