El Puma’s daughter Lilibeth Morillo sends a harsh message to her father on Instagram

José Luis Rodriguez El Puma.
José Luis Rodriguez El Puma.

Lilibeth Rodríguez Morillo, the second daughter of José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma,” published a moving and painful message on social media in which she scolds her father for his abandonment and for not contacting her or her older sister, Liliana. Though she says that she prays for him, she has very harsh words for him.

“I saw with disbelief how you faced the possibility of dying without ever seeing me again, for no reason because I never offended you or your family, neither privately or much less publicly. I know it. You know it. But the most important thing is that God does too,” she says in a video posted on Instagram, which Lilibeth says is her only way to communicate with her father.

“I saw you celebrate your birthday in amazement, because even though you are under the same sky as me, you are still incapable of contacting me. I saw you thank the press, your family and me, what am I? You tell me. I saw you give thanks to God, to which God, father? Which God do you profess? Because the God that I know is a father and is good. He is the father of Jesus, my father and father of thousands. He is a God of love, of reconciliation, of union and of forgiveness, incapable of abandoning a child.”

Screenshot from Lilibeth Morillo's Instagram.

“I looked for you, I contacted you, I tried arrange our meeting. You know. I contacted Carolina through texts, which I have, where I asked her to pray together, to let me see you, for the glory and honor of Jesus Christ. To give testimony that God restores homes and hearts, even a family as public and notorious as ours. He read, but he did not answer me, which I also leave in the hands of God,” she added.

Lilibeth said her relationship with the singer ended when he told his ex-wife, Venezuelan artist Lila Morillo, that he had “to choose between your new family and us and we lost.”

“But not dad, today I know I did not lose. I did not lose anything, because as a father you are not worth it. You lost. You lost two wonderful daughters, talented, with great hearts, and a granddaughter with a sweetness and tenderness that I do not think you will get to know. ”

“Today, even though you try to pretend that I do not exist, I speak to you and I remind you that I have a voice and I AM NOT INVISIBLE (…) DAD …… 4 VIDEOS that I hope will reach you and anyone who can help me so I thank you,” Lilibeth writes later in the text.

The relationship between El Puma and his older daughters was fractured years ago and although they and their mother occasionally answer questions from the press about him, Rodriguez has remained tight lipped on the subject, even after his double lung transplant.