Love Prime 112? Get ready for its very VIP sister, Prime Private.

Prime Private is a new private party space from the owner of Prime 112.
Prime Private is a new private party space from the owner of Prime 112. Handout

Prime Private. Sounds VIP.

That’s because it is. We’re talking about Myles Chefetz’s latest hoity toity South Beach venture.

There was talk of the so called Sultan of South of Fifth opening this venue in 2014. But it’s here now. We have a feeling it should do OK.

The Myles Restaurant Group founder first came on the scene opening instant hotspot Nemo in 1995, and the following year, oh so hip diner Big Pink.

In 2004, Prime 112, inside the historic Browns Hotel, became the go-to spot for visiting celebrities.

Today, Chefetz also owns and operates Prime Italian, Prime Fish and Prime Hotel.

“Our guests have been celebrating special occasions at my restaurants for over 15 years, and now we have a restaurant and facility specifically designed to cater to large groups,” said Chefetz. “We have created a cutting-edge event space with award-winning cuisine we’ve become known for worldwide.”

The 6,000 square-foot space at 36 Ocean Drive features oversized chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling windows, state-of-the art screens, LCD projectors, curtains for privacy and key, dim lighting.

Prime veteran chef Marcelo Palacios leads the steak-heavy menu. For private parties, custom packages will start at $95 per person; capacity is 200 people.

Reservations and private bookings: 305-532-7707.