Rick Ross just dropped a video for ‘Green Gucci Suit.’ And it shows him dying in a hospital.

Ross and Future
Ross and Future

Is art imitating life in Rick Ross’ newly released music video for “Green Gucci Suit?” Sure looks like it.

Back in March, Ross suffered a severe health scare when he was hospitalized with pneumonia and was rumored to be near death.

The Miami rapper known as The Boss sure made a miraculous recovery, and is back to doing what he does best: music. He’ll be releasing his 10th studio album “Port Of Miami 2” sometime later this year.

In the new video for the lead single with Future, Ross  is seen in  a hospital bed with two scantily clad nurses attempting to revive him. “I think we just lost Rozay,” says one. They then place gold chains on his lifeless body.

Ross is very much alive in the next scene, sitting on a porch, smoking a cigar with more scantily clad women dancing about him and shaking their booties. Is the rapper in heaven? Maybe. Cash flies around him as he is bathed in an eerie green light. He starts rapping, and even references Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade:

“Lamborghini doors, I wanna touch the sky (woo)

Ain’t too many in the city who can roll with I (uuh)

Look who came up out the mud, now he a millionaire (boss)

Try to buy up all the ghettos with a millionaire

Renzel Ravioli, rather Ricky Ross (woo)

Touchin’ millions everyday and I’ma trick it off (ahh)

Look, here shawty if you wanna ball (woo)

In my D. Wade jersey so who wanna war

Got me checkin’ in the door in my new Gucci boots.”

Future then appears, in mirrored sunglasses, to contribute his part:

“Purple Gucci socks, purple Gucci socks

Milli on her p—y, make ’em p—y pop

Green Gucci bag, green Gucci fur

Leather’s on your head, wrapped around your neck (leggo)

Green Gucci fur, green Gucci furniture

Green Gucci purse, green Gucci purse

Got more Gucci clothes than the Gucci store

Gucci on her back, she got Gucci toilet

Oh, you want the Pucci? Mix it with the Gucci

Flexin’ is a habit, go and stack the ‘oobie

Eliantte diamonds, man I’m in a movie.”

Gucci toilet? Yes, you heard correctly. But it seems like these two mega hip hoppers are having fun.

“I believe this is our favorite collaboration,” Ross told Billboard at the BET Awards Sunday night. “The current concept of the record came together after I had a conversation with Dapper Dan in Harlem and, you know, we were just talking about the golden age of hip-hop.”