A UM student was attacked by sharks after posing for the perfect Instagram pic

Some people go to great lengths to get the perfect selfie, but this may have pushed the limit.

Katarina Zarutskie was in Exuma, Bahamas, a hot spot for feeding (basically) harmless of nurse sharks.

Instead of feeding them, she did what any self respecting Instagram model would do: She hopped right in the water to get a way postable pic.

All was going well as the fish surrounded the University of Miami student but one curious shark suddenly one clamped down on her arm.

“I leaned back, and then that shark he came and he bit down on my arm and pulled me under,” she told Buzzfeed News.

Zarutskie  smartly  played it cool, realizing the blood from her wound might stir the others into a feeding frenzy.

A picture of her raising her arms in the air appears on her, um, feed. And she was able to escape the water without further incident.

“It was a testament to how calm I stayed,” said the model who is doing OK after taking antibiotics to stave off infection. But there are still fragments of teeth in her arm, reports Hollywood Life.

Wow, talk about a selfie sacrifice.

Moreover, her account is no longer private, thanks to vicious trolls telling her it wasn’t a good idea to swim with sharks. But luckily there are screenshots.