‘Caso Cerrado’ scheduled to return to Telemundo after six months off the air

Ana María Polo
Ana María Polo

If you like the energetic style of Dr. Ana María Polo and way she pounds her gavel to call her show “Caso Cerrado” to order,  then you can start celebrating because it returns to Telemundo on Monday, Oct. 29 at 7 p.m.

The Cuban-American lawyer, who has become a celebrity of Hispanic television thanks to the program, announced the return on social media with a video in which she presents a situation of domestic violence and uses one of her catchphrases: “What is happening here? ”

Until recently, the fate of the show seemed uncertain, after it was announced in June that the former executive producer of the program, Marlene Kay, had filed a lawsuit for more than $2 million against Polo.

In July Telemundo suspended the program after 17 years on air. The network explained the decision in a press release stating that the program ceded its space to “Viva el Mundial y más” during the coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, and later the new show, “Exatlon.”

They also announced that “Caso Cerrado”  would return in September but the return was delayed more than expected. Dr. Polo’s fans had to settle for reruns of the show in “Lo mejor de Caso Cerrado.”

Porque ustedes lo pidieron, aquí esta lo que todos esperaban, la nueva temporada de #casocerrado, #queestapasandoaqui #quehasaprendidoconladrapolo #anamariapolo

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Before the announcement of the new season, the fans sent Dr. Polo “a shower of blessings” from Argentina, Venezuela and Peru, and, of course, from the United States. They congratulated her with comments like: “Wonderful, the only program that educates our people” or “you are a special person with whom I identify, I admire you very much.”

In June, when the lawsuit came to light, the Nuevo Herald was able to verify that it was filed in 2016 and that the case remained open.

A source interviewed for that article said that the program had lost between 40 and 45 percent in audience levels, among other reasons because of the conflicts that were generated on the set by the break up between Polo and Kay.

On that occasion, the publicist of the lawyer, Paola Marín, of Santa Cruz Communications, said: “This lawsuit is an unfortunate attempt to damage  Dr. Ana María Polo’s image and to affect her renowned creativity, as well as the success of her show, ‘Caso Cerrado.'”