Adamari López was finally discharged from the hospital. When will she be back at Telemundo?

Adamari Lopez
Adamari Lopez

Puerto Rican television star Adamari Lopez revealed on Monday that she has been discharged after a month of hospitalization from complications related to influenza, but that she is “a long way from being able to return to work.”

During a telephone call with Telemundo’s “Un nuevo día,” López said she is doing physical therapy every day “to recover my body.” She also revealed that she does respiratory therapy and must strengthen her immune system.

“I’m working on trying to breathe without suffocating,” acknowledged the actress and television presenter during a conversation with her “Un nuevo día” colleagues Rashel Díaz, Hector Sandarti and Marco Antonio Regil. “I was in a very delicate state.”

The star disappeared from Telemundo and social media in mid-October. Shortly after, it was reported that she had the flu, but when her absence exceeded the 10 days that would be considered reasonable for that type of illness, her publicists confirmed that Lopez was hospitalized as a result of complications, mainly pulmonary.

Her partner, choreographer Toni Costa, was one of those in charge of keeping the fans informed of the state of Lopez’s health, but he never offered too many details, which caused concern for many. Others came to suspect that the artist was not really sick.

After thanking those who prayed for her health, Adamari López added: “Also to those who said that I was pregnant or that I had had a liposuction. All the good energy and knowing that they are concerned helps.”

However, she made it clear that she has an uphill road to return to normal. “We’re taking it one day at a time,” she said, declining to say when she could return to work. “I’m doing my best. I miss my job,” she said.

An indication of just how serious her condition was emerged when she confessed that she remembered very little of what happened. She also acknowledged that she is very weak after so many days in bed, something that doctors do not allow generally unless the patient’s health is critical.

She also said that a beautiful but difficult moment was when her three-year-old daughter Alaïa went to visit her at the hospital. “She saw me connected to a lot of things and I did not know how to hug her.”

Adamari López took the opportunity to recommend to her audience that they be vaccinated against influenza and that they “listen to the recommendations of their doctors.”

According to official figures, last year influenza cost 80,000 lives in the United States and this year already an adolescent died in Florida as a result of the flu.

This weekend it was reported that Kim Porter, a former partner and mother of three of rapper and businessman Sean “Diddy” Combs’ children, died suddenly at age 47, the same age as Adamari López, as a result of the illness.

According to López, the health crisis has taught her “you must listen to your body.”

“Often for work commitments, for discipline, we do not listen and these things happen,” she added.

Adamari López ya está en su casa para continuar con su recuperación, después de una fuerte influenza que le atacó . López dijo que aún tiene que guardando reposo y someterse a terapia para mejor el habla, fortalecer sus pulmones y sistema inmunológico . Entrevista de Un nuevo día . #AlPasoDeLosFamosos #AdamariLopez #adamari

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