Bhad Bhabie, aka Cash Me Outside, is acting out again. Who’s her latest target?

OMG, for realz.

Bhad Bhabie just can’t behave.

On Wednesday night, the upstart from Boynton Beach apparently decided to wreak havoc at the Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collection launch in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, the 15-year-old Dr. Phil alum (born Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli) threw an unknown beverage on Iggy Azalea at the event, soaking  the Aussie pop star. TMZ, which has video of the incident, reports the drink was a “clear liquid,” then later said it was water.

Bregoli is soon seen being carried out by a guard type fireman-style with her high heels in her hand, still screaming her head off.

When, um, caught outside by the gossip site, the “Fancy’ rapper told TMZ oh so diplomatically what happened, or actually what didn’t happen:  “It was nothing…She’s just a kid.”

The showdown comes on the heels of a social media tiff: Bhabie and Azalea went at it on Instagram after Azalea made a comment about the teen’s upcoming tour by asking if a friend was attending the Cash Me Outside girl’s concert.

“U should come,” Bhabie wrote, as reported by People. “Would be a good memory for u of what a sold out show looks like. Azalea recently cancelled her Bad Girls tour, which was set to kick off last month at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

This was Azalea’s second canceled tour in three years, so, all we can say is “Ouchie.”