Walter Mercado predicts what will happen in the world in 2019

Walter Mercado predicts what will happen in the world for 2019.
Walter Mercado predicts what will happen in the world for 2019. AP

The highly anticipated predictions of famous astrologer Walter Mercado for 2019 will make his followers reflect on the horizons that open up, from the new opportunities to achieve their dreams to the need to correct errors of the past.

One of the highlights of this coming year of the pig or boar is constant change. According to Mercado, that’s where “our best luck” is born. The following is a summary of his predictions for 2019.

• For Chinese astrology, 2019 is a year of probabilities, possibilities, opportunities, dreams and ambitions achieved.

• It will be a year of opportunities to correct past mistakes and embrace a new attitude in life.

• Astrologically, the universe conspires in favor of everyone who has faith, perseverance, passion, dedication and effort. Five eclipses will awaken us to realities.

• Mother Nature sends messages to take care of the ecosystem, flora, fauna and global warming. Everything to do with climate will be dramatically affected. Floods, blizzards, earthquakes, fires — everything can happen.

• Economic recession still affects many countries, but there will be notable improvement in the United States, the Caribbean and Europe. Radical changes in the education system will continue. Childhood and youth will become tremendously important.

• Social networks expand their reach and power. Discoveries in medicines and new therapies will defeat diseases once branded as incurable. The year 2019 is marked by innovation and discovery.

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• The United States will become more polarized. There will be a heavenly summons to unity and brotherhood, but the Ku Klux Klan and anti-Semitic groups will rise. Donald Trump, the controversial president, will face his worst year and perhaps even impeachment.

• Miami is blessed in 2019. Opportunities for success by artists from around the world multiply. Miami is a secure port for those who seek fame, glory and freedom.

• In Cuba, protests and injustices continue. The government will clash with other countries, such as Brazil, the United States and Colombia.

• Puerto Rico recovers after the crisis of Hurricane Maria and will be an example in generosity, humanity, compassion and resiliency. Guatemala continues to rise in the eradication of social evils.

• The Dominican Republic modernizes. Panama continues on the road to becoming paradise on earth. Argentina faces an economic crisis that is difficult but not impossible to overcome. Central American immigrants continue to anguish and be a concern.

• The Tarot has drawn the sun card for 2019. A new sun of light and splendor rises for all. The sun is associated with the heart and unconditional love. The force of love will turn the world we live in into a place more beautiful and harmonious.