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Miami Beach has an adults-only hotel because we love kids but we need a break

The pool at The Standard was made for living that rosé all day life.
The pool at The Standard was made for living that rosé all day life.

Miami Beach’s only adults-only hotel doesn’t want your kids around.

This is not in any way a bad thing. We support it whole-heartedly. There are a million billion hotels on Miami Beach to which you can bring your treasured darlings, who are not at all loud and annoying and touching everything they shouldn’t be touching. Your children are tiny, perfect angels from heaven whose very existence makes all the world a better place.

And you still can’t bring them to The Standard (with one exception).

The Standard is a hotel and spa, and it is a place to relax, not break up a fight over who gets the purple pool noodle. The goal is relaxation, not being a referee.

StndMIA-Lobby LR 6.jpg
The lobby at The Standard. Claudia Uribe

You lounge by the pool or loaf around in one of the hammocks or hanging chairs outside. You get massages and attend yoga classes and learn to paddleboard. You breathe the warm, damp air of the Turkish-style hammam and sign up for a scrub or a pedicure. You pop by for game nights or workshops on intriguing subjects like brujeria, which you would absolutely not use on your significant other unless of course there was snoring involved.

Big changes are coming to The Standard, but they should only enhance the tranquility that resides here. Here are a few things you need to know about Miami Beach’s adults-only hotel.

It really is adults only - with one exception

StndMIA-Entrance HR (ADRIANGAUT).jpg

You can bring your kids to the restaurant, but they’re not allowed at the pool, the spa areas or in the rooms. Naturally, people don’t always read the fine print when they book a vacation, so sometimes families have to be relocated, says director of marketing and programming Kevin O’Donnell.

“We have relationships with other hotels in the area,” he says. “We try to get the best rates and places that are comparable to why they wanted to come here. If the spa is important to them, we try to get them similar amenities.”

Note: Read the fine print, people. But if you don’t,The Standard has your back.

There’s a new brand new restaurant

StndMIA_Lido Bayside Grill 4 LR_(AdrianGaut).jpg
Eat beside the bay at the Lido Bayside.

The name is the same, but on Oct. 24 the Lido Bayside Grill changes into an izakaya-style Japanese restaurant that will stay open through spring or summer of 2020. You can dine under shade by the bay, or if you’re a member, you can order by the pool and have menu items delivered to you. Yes, that includes drinks.

The spa is getting a facelift next year


The co-ed, Turkish-style hammam is the centerpiece of the spa, which also includes metal tubs in which to soak, plus massage services and more. Coming in the fall and winter of 2020, the spa will begin some updates. But don’t worry. The hammam’s not going anywhere.

The pool is amazing

StndMIA_Pool 8 LR_(AdrianGaut).jpg

This is definitely the sort of place you want to chill with your friends and a bottle of rosé, knowing your kids and everybody else’s kids are at home letting you get your relaxation on.

You can buy a membership and go here all the time

Hang out on the grounds at The Standard.

A membership gets you access to all spa amenities, including the hammam, steam room, sauna, infinity pool, Roman Waterfall hot tub and the gym. You also can attend private events - workshops, yoga and fitness classes, dive-in movies, concerts, game nights and specially curated dinners including the Lazy Sunday BBQs, which happen six to eight times a year (expect one around Halloween and at Art Basel time).

Memberships also provide discounts on food and drink, spa services and classes and hotel rooms. A Standard Wellness membership week starts at $250; a Spa Membership includes a monthly $175 spa credit and starts at $350..

The Standard

40 Island Ave, Miami Beach

Information at www.standardhotels.com/miami; membership information here.