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Meet Botlr, Aloft Hotels's Robotic Butler, now serving guests at Aloft South Beach

Meet Botlr. The robotic butler has been making waves at Aloft Hotels since last August when he joined the staff at their Cupertino, Calif. location in the heart of Silicon Valley, making him the first-ever robotic butler with a gig at a major hotel brand.

The eager-to-please robot, who’s utilized to make runs to guest rooms and deliver anything from a toothbrush to a beach towel, touched down in Miami this morning and will be staying at the newly opened Aloft South Beach for the next couple of weeks. 

Botlr, who’s quite disarming in person, will be lighting up the hotel lobby in South Beach and surprising guests with special delivery items from the “Botlr Takes Miami” menu. He’s also not averse to posing for selfies, so don’t be shy. His onboard navigation system senses what’s around him, so he can navigate the hotel’s environment with ease and even stop to greet guests.

“People love it from the perspective of it just being a childhood wonderment,” says Brian McGuinness, SVP of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Specialty Select Brands, under whose umbrella the Aloft brand resides. “It’s the whole R2D2 thing.”

In Cupertino, McGuinness says Botlr makes about 10 to 20 runs to hotel rooms per day, freeing uphotel staff from the mundane task and also getting the job done more quickly, in about three to five minutes.

The original Botlr starts his east coast travels in Miami making his way up to New York, while a second Botlr holds down the fort in Silicon Valley. McGuinness says, “The goal after this pilot is to have one in all of our hotels.” 

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