Miami is one of the vainest cities in America, study says. Stop looking in the mirror and read this

It will come as a surprise to precisely no one that Miami is one of the most vain cities in the country.

What’s shocking, however, is that we’re not no. 1. How is that possible? Aren’t we the Butt Lift Capital of the world?

But no. A new study by Quality Logo Products reports that Miami is only the fourth most vain city, after New York, Phoenix and Charlotte.

We can believe the people in New York are extra enough to beat us. But how are Phoenix and Charlotte more vain? Did this study take Botox injections into consideration?

Apparently not. The study surveyed more than 2,700 people in 25 cities to see how much time they spent in front of the mirror and what they do when no one is looking. In Florida, people say they spent 36.9 minutes daily on personal care (as opposed to 38.4 minutes in NYC). We would’ve thought the minute count ran to hours, considering the humidity we deal with.

The rest of the top 10 most vain cities are Philadelphia, Atlanta, Nashville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Cleveland. The least vain city. Denver, Colorado, where weed is legal and everybody is happily content with their lives and facial lines.

On the bright side? We’re classier than Washington, D.C. residents, who are the most likely to pee in the shower, according to the study. Yay us.